Want to learn how to race a hovercraft? Team airbags are your girls!

Want to learn how to race a hovercraft? Team airbags are your girls!

Oh hi there! We’re Hannah and Broni, otherwise known as Team Airbags Racing and we race hovercraft. Yes, you did hear us right, hovercraft racing. We know you most likely haven’t heard of a hovercraft, or know that they could do anything other than cross the English Channel. It’s okay we’re not offended! Before we let you know a little more about us, let us explain the mechanics behind it! 

 Hovercraft are powered by a large fan are the back of the craft which is rotated by the engine. The fan produces air which is then split, with some going into the hull to inflate the skirts below, and the rest being used to propel the craft forward. There are two important things to remember about hovercraft: 1. We basically are constantly drifting 2. There are no brakes on these BadBoys! 


So now you kind of (maybe?) understand the concept of hovercraft, let us tell you a bit more about us! We both grew up in our motorsport from birth. Hovercrafting is a hugely family-based motorsport, with an extremely supportive community within it. As we both grew up in the sport, we simply know nothing else than hovercraft! We live and breathe the sport! We both started racing in Juniors, which you can enter from 11 years old, and have never stopped! 

 However, the best thing about growing up in the sport, is we’ve grown up together. We’ve been best friends ever since we can remember and have always been known to be inseparable in our motorsport. So, you can imagine, it was always a dream of ours to become a badass racing team together (we had always mentioned in F1 hovercraft which go up to 80mph without any brakes, but we’re working our way up to that (sorry mums!)) 


And so, in one beautiful moment, about three years ago, Team Airbags Racing was born in a beautiful pink mirage! Since then we’ve both raced Hannah’s wonderful pink hovercrafts and have even managed to secure the Open F50 UK Championship together as well as numerous top 5 and 6 finishes in the UK F50 National Championships. However, like most motorsports this hasn’t come without challenges. 

Broken craft, bad races and temperamental engines have all been a part of our journey, alongside the inevitable challenges of being women in a male dominated motorsport. The classic phrases of “women drivers” and “you drive like a man” have been battered around the paddock for as long as we can remember. We strive to show that not only do women drive just as well as men, but the sexist stigma that is openly found in motorsport will not be tolerated, because honey, if there’s a gap or you’ve left the door open, we will happily drive like badass girls and take it unapologetically. 

Overall, we’ve been incredibly welcomed into an awesome community of awesome, motorsport loving women in the last year and a half and we cannot thank them more. It’s thanks to people like SWD and Motorsport Woman that we can finally share another story in a random motorsport that no one has really heard of! If you’d like to find out more, find us on Instagram and Facebook under Team Airbags Racing 😊 


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