Our First Blog!

Our First Blog!

Hey Guys! 

Well this is exciting Isn't it! Our very first Blog post on the new and improved SWD Website... What do you guys think? 

A little bit of a back story behind SWD and how we started...

So I (Sophie McGinn) Created the clothing brand in November 2017, Literally overnight popped into my brain, Like a 3am in the morning moment! As I was fed up of not being able to find any nice hoodies or tee's That involved the MX/BMX/Retro Style, I thought Im going to create my own. 

This was completely new to me as I thought where the hell do I actually get these products made? How do I make the digital designs? How do I get embroidery done? haha! So I sat down with my laptop... Downloaded some software and literally sat and watched Youtube after Youtube video on how to make designs, and how to get the right resolutions etc... If I didn't want to give up at that point I would be lying to you. Around 2 weeks later the "She Who Dares" Tee arrived in my hands and I was pretty shocked! 

Next thing was finding a decent supplier, Ive had drop shopping companies take money for clothes online and not pay me, Ive had nearly £1000 of stock go missing and not get replaced, Then to find it had got delivered to the wrong address, Then it got dished out to all his family and friends, (Turns out he was selling it) Ive had people threaten to sue me for the use of the word "She Who Dares"! So to say it's been a rough start is an understatement. Luckily now Ive got the perfect supplier on board. From experience, If you are looking to start a business like this make sure you do your homework and get reviews on suppliers 100%. 

So I guess the answer is yes, I did and still do run the business on my own! I seem to have got the hang of the design side now and print, (I think) As well as running it alongside a full time Television Presenter (My Main Job) , So as you can Imagine it gets tough at times, But I wouldn't want to change SWD for the world, I love what it stands for empowering women in the motorsport industry to be themselves and be Rad! 

Now if you've taken time out to read this post, Id love to hear some feedback from you on what you would like to see from SWD Next? 

Thank you for supporting a one lady band and getting behind SWD it means more than you'll ever know. 

Stay Rad 

McGinn x


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