Meet Ophelia.. The lil Skateboard Ripper!

Meet Ophelia.. The lil Skateboard Ripper!

"Dont be a bumhole!"

By Ophelia Mitchell - England 

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Hi! My name is Ophelia and I’m 7 years old, and I LOVE skateboarding! 

I don’t really remember how I started skating, but my mum says that when I was 2 I cried because I really really wanted this tiny micro skateboard with zombies on it, So she bought it for me and I loved it! 

When I was 4 she took me to a proper skatepark, and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to go back every week. 

My favourite trick I can do is a Rock and Roll. I love doing them because they make me feel strong, and when I skate I feel like I’m flying. 

I just love it so much. I like pumping really high on the ramp too! 

Skating is fun but it really hurts sometimes. 

This year I made up three rules to follow when I’m skating. I think everyone should follow them: 

  1. Be Safe
  2. Have Fun
  3.  Don’t be a Bumhole!! 

It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you are a boy or a girl you should grab a board and have a go! Always be kind to people who are trying or maybe can’t do a trick, don’t laugh at them, just maybe try and help them or give them a fist bump. 

Next year I want to try and raise money for ‘Skateboards for Hope’ who help kids in other poorer countries like Cuba and Uganda who can’t afford skateboards, or don’t know how to, and they give them boards and shoes and show them how to skate. Everyone should have the chance to skate, and I want to help spread the joy and Stoke of skating as much as I can. 

I love inspiring others to have a go. Sometimes kids see me skate and they ask if they can have a try on my board. It makes me really happy knowing more kids like me want to start skating. I hope one day I’ll have a huge big crew to skate with. 

If I had to give some advice I would tell people to keep it fun, don’t give up, and bend your knees!! 

And don’t be a bumhole. 

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