Meet Katy McGowan.. The MTB Mad 10 Year Old

Meet Katy McGowan.. The MTB Mad 10 Year Old

Say Hello to Katy McGowan! 

SWD Caught up with her for a chat and to see what got her into this rad sport..

Here's what she had to say.

"I started riding my bike with my family out on our local trails at Kirroughtree (Scotland) and my first race was a Funduro when I was just 7 years old! I won my age group, and was the fastest girl on the day and I've loved racing ever since!"


"Ive done a few cross country races and Cyclo - Cross but I really love doing mini downhill races all across Scotland. I've met loads of really awesome girls who are brilliant riders and also now great Mates! 

This year I've had quite a few podiums and although I crashed hard on my race run, I loved every second racing at the first National Open Short Course Championships over 2 days at the beautiful Glencoe." 

"My Focus for 2020 will still be on Downhill MTB but I am really excited to also be doing some enduro races which will challenge my Fitness and also my Ability, I can't wait!" 🤘

"I love riding bikes and I hope you do too 💕"


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Full Name: Katy 'kaos' McGowan

Age: 10 Years Old

Instagram: @katy_kaosmtb

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