Camille Allen... How I got started In MTB!

Camille Allen... How I got started In MTB!

"Arm Pump and sore bum central!"

by Camille Allen

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Meet a rad lady called Camille Allen, She's fairly new to the MTB Scene but here is her story! Enjoy 

I have always been into my bikes from a very early age, Wanting to have the coolest looking bike but didn’t get into riding them properly until the grand old age of 34.

I bought myself a hardtail in December 2016, fully intending to try anything. I’m one of these sorts of people who thinks they can do everything straight away and my phrase is always ‘yeah I’ll try that’ without giving it a second thought!

I headed to a new Bike Park for the first time on the hardtail in the middle of January, snow on the ground. BIG MISTAKE! Arm pump and sore bum central! I managed to crash on the way leading up to the uplift, this isn’t even a trail, it’s the only way to get to the uplift so I hadn’t even ridden a track yet and I had crashed!

After a hard and bumpy day it was then suggested to me to treat myself to a full suspension bike and after I did I have never looked back.

My Boyfriend and a few friends invited me to Wales and to ride a downhill event with them and me not wanting to be beaten by boys, I fully obliged.

Now you can’t stop me riding twisty, steep, techy bits with the thrill of fast and flowy trails running through my veins!

I ride places in Wales and the Forest of Dean so much now and have made many mountain biking friends through the love of just getting out on your bike and having fun. My confidence has grown when I’m riding and I am even attempting jumps now.

I entered my first amateur downhill race at the age of 37 and got my first podium coming 3rd!

My plans for 2020 are to race a bit more hopefully with some mini downhill races and to just get out as much as I can on my bike. As long as I’m having fun- I’m happy!

Be Happy

Camille x

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